Module at a glance

This module will help you to:

  • Understand the process and procedures of exclusions
  • Underpin the legal responsibilities
  • Understand exclusions as a sanction and it’s place in schools behaviours and SEN policies
  • Understand the process within the legal framework
  • Understand the implications for all involved
Study time: Approximately 55 mins

One role of the governing board includes getting involved with pupil exclusions. This can be a difficult experience for all involved, however having the right understanding of your role in the process is the best way to navigate the situation effectively and ensure the best outcome for all.

This Learning Link module has been designed with this purpose in mind. As the leading independent source of information, our exclusions module provides you with all the necessary information in one module , complete with a short quiz to test your knowledge.

After completing this module, you will have a clear understanding of the school’s and governing board’s legal responsibilities surrounding exclusions, as well as how it fits in behaviour and SEN policies.

To apply your learning to the real world, this module will also help you understand the implications of exclusion for the child, their family and the school itself.

To develop your understanding on exclusions and know what is expected of governors, you can find this module in the ‘Active Learning’ section of  your Learning Link account.

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