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Pupil Premium

This module will help you to:

  • Help governors and trustees fulfil their strategic role in the effective management of Pupil Premium
  • Understand the aims of the Pupil Premium initiative
  • Have an understanding of the importance of your strategic role in facilitating schools attempts to raise attainment
  • Understand the importance of gathering and analysing quality data on the schools performance in raising attainment
Study time: Approximately 55 mins

Your board has an important role to play in the pupil premium initiative.

Not only is this grant a key resource for your school, but can also make a difference to many children’s and families lives.

To ensure you carry out this important task effectively, we have created this dedicated Learning Link module to provide you with all the necessary knowledge and resources.

Upon completion, you will be able to fulfil your strategic role in the effective and efficient management of the Pupil Premium Grant.

You will also have a clear understanding of the initiatives aims and the importance of facilitating your schools attempts to raise attainment for the target groups.

To ensure you carry out this role effectively, you can find this module in your learning link account.

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