Headteacher recruitment - succession planning

Headteacher recruitment - succession planning

Module at a glance
Headteacher recruitment - succession planning

This module will help you to:

  • Understand key current issues in school leadership
  • Consider the future of your own school
  • Understand the stages of an effective executive recruitment process
  • Understand a Headteacher induction
  • Develop your succession planning strategy
Study time: Approximately 55 mins

As a governor, your main priority is ensuring the educational welfare of pupils and improving the practice and culture of your school.

This starts with the Headteacher.

It’s the board’s responsibility to ensure the future of the school and the process of effective executive recruitment. 

This headteacher recruitment module on Learning Link brings you the current issues around school leadership, along with the stages of a well-planned recruitment process and succession plan

Along with a short quiz to test your knowledge, this module will also cover headteacher and senior leader inductions and real world understanding of what you need to consider in relation to the future of your school.

To develop your understanding on headteacher recruitment and succession planning, you can find this module in the ‘Active Learning’ section of  your Learning Link account.

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