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Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) e-learning programme

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) e-learning programme

NGA is pleased to have partnered with ASCL to develop a programme of e-learning modules intended to focus on creating an inclusive culture through practice, and going beyond compliance by giving users the knowledge, understanding and tools to do so.

Some of these topics will challenge your implicit biases, associations and preconceptions, which may make you feel vulnerable or defensive, but the modules are designed to support you in having vital conversations about EDI in your schools. They will give you solid evidence to draw from and practical tools to make change happen, making sure every pupil, staff member, parent and other stakeholders feels included, valued and represented.

The programme will consist of the following modules:

Module 1 – First steps

The purpose of this module is two-fold:

  • To introduce you to Implicit Association Tests (IATs) and ask you to consider some of your unknown biases (via the Harvard IAT)
  • To enable you to make note of your, and your boards, current EDI considerations, activities and progress

The module will ask you to consider how comfortable you are when moving diversity and inclusion work forward in your school or trust and will enable you to gage your current level of knowledge around certain topics beyond legislation.

This module is available to all Learning Link subscribers now and freely available to those who sign up for a free trial of Learning Link.

Module 2 – Beyond compliance

This module will support you in gaining a baseline knowledge of the key concepts concerning EDI beyond compliance. Moving beyond the legislation to a space where EDI is commonplace within schools/trusts will ensure that all stakeholders within school and trust settings can be their authentic selves and thrive.

Overall, this module will focus on:

  • What EDI is and why it’s important
  • What unconscious bias is and its impact
  • How to mitigate the impact of unconscious bias
  • Positive outcomes of tackling unconscious bias

Coming soon

Module 3 – Taking action

In this module, you will explore what it means to carry out your duties as a governor/trustee through an EDI lens.

This module is intended to support you to embed your learning and take action within your own contexts. Content for this module will also include tasks for you to take away and explore with your board along with some practical exercises for you to complete ahead of starting the final module.

Coming soon

Module 4 – Measuring impact

This final module will aim to assess whether the learning contained in the series has had the intended impact - has your learning led to behavioural change, individually and collectively as a board?

The assessments that you undertook at the beginning of the programme will be repeated, and you will also be asked to commit to some future actions for change.

Coming soon

Start your EDI journey

  • Learning Link subscribers can log in to take the modules
  • For non-subscribers: The module Equality, diversity and inclusion: First steps is freely available as part of the free Learning Link trial

Our subject matter expertise

The content of these modules has been written by the following subject matter experts:

Hannah Jepson, Business Psychologist, Co-founder and Director LGBTed, Director Engaging for Success 

Hannah JepsonHannah is committed to driving social change by helping organisations become more inclusive. Her passion is in supporting individuals, businesses, and organisations to embrace diversity and inclusion, with a key focus on intersectionality.

In 2018, Hannah founded LGBTed, a national LGBTQ+ network in order to drive meaningful and sustainable social change through enabling greater LGBTQ+ visibility in the education system. As Director, she is a member of the national equality and diversity forum for education and is currently working with DfE, NGA, Governors for Schools, ASCL, NASBTT and other national education organisations to develop the national conversation around diversity and inclusion in education.

Hannah is the Director of Engaging for Success, an organisation that delivers solutions to support organisations in becoming more inclusive. Her projects include delivering impactful D&I solutions for organisations including supporting organisations to become truly anti-racist and LGBTQ+ inclusive, and developing behavioural competency frameworks and recruitment & assessment solutions for leaders in schools and across a range of sectors.

“I think the NGA are doing some really important work to make change happen at a system level and that's why I'm delighted to work in partnership with the team to develop EDI training for governors that shifts the dial towards true inclusion, taking into account where each school/trust is at on their journey and supporting them to make progress in a sustainable way for young people, staff and parents.”


Adelaide Chitanda, Senior Advice Officer

Adelaide ChitandaAdelaide is a senior advice officer at the NGA. She provides advice to Gold members via email and telephone, alongside writing for the website, magazine and weekly newsletter.

Prior to joining NGA, Adelaide was a research assistant for an insight and intelligence agency specialising in higher education. She also studied Criminology at the University of Manchester.

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