The module at a glance
This module will help you to:
Understand the legal framework to clerking
Understand the function of clerking
Know the range of support a clerk can give a trust and governing board
Understand how clerking can vary across academies
Understand how the clerk is central to the successful working of the trust and  governing board
Study time : approximately 55 minutes

Clerks play a core role on any governing board, from maintained schools to academies.

Providing a range of support, clerks are central to the successful working of the trust – resulting in a lot of pressure on them to perform their roles effectively.

We have designed this engaging learning shot to support both current and future clerks in this vital role and ensure you have all the required knowledge and skills in your toolkit.

Upon completion of this module, you will a clear understanding on the legal framework and be able to define what the function of clerking is.

Complete with a short quiz to test your knowledge, this module has been designed specifically for those clerking academies and will ensure you understand how both governance and clerking can vary from academy to academy.

You will also develop your understanding on the support clerks give to governing boards and how to do so effectively to ensure success.

 Ensure you have a clear understanding of the clerking role across academies and find this module in your learning link account.

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Sneak preview of the module: 

Introduction to clerking academies module preview

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