The module at a glance
This module will help you to:
Understand your governing boards role
Understand the different areas of E-safety including:
Acceptable uses
Cyberbullying and trolling
Unsuitable and inappropriate content
Violent gaming and its impact
Child sexual exploitation
Identify theft
Study time : approximately 55 minutes

In today’s day and age technology is becoming ever more prominent, bringing with it a whole host of safety concerns for pupils that governors and trustees have a responsibility to address. .

How much do you know about what children are getting up to online, and how they are protected?

With a responsibility for children’s safety and welfare, we have designed this module to ensure you have all the information you need to tackle this rising trend.

After completing this Learning Link module, you will have a clear understanding on the board’s role and responsibilities in relation to this area and the various safety concerns that you should be aware of.

To improve your knowledge and understanding on E-safety and your role within this, you can find this module in the ‘Active Learning’ section of  your Learning Link account.

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