The module at a glance
This module will help you to:
Spot potential leaders amongst your team
Create an effective recruitment process
Build your knowledge and understanding
Develop an individual’s ability to lead
Study time : approximately 60 minutes

What’s your plan when the chair of the board steps down?

How will you ensure the change disrupts as little as possible, whilst creating a positive impact? 

The answer: succession planning.

We have designed this engaging Learning Link module to support you in creating an effective succession plan, either be spotting potential leaders currently on your board or designing a planned recruitment process.

This module provides all the knowledge and understanding you will need to do so in an interactive space.

Upon completion, you will be able to not only spot but also develop potential leaders and help them to understand and practice what it is they need to do.

To ensure you are prepared for the future, you can find this module in the ‘Active Learning’ section of  your Learning Link account.

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Sneak preview of the module: 


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