The module at a glance
This module will help you to:
Understand your governing role in pupil performance and how to address improvements
Understand how to hold school leaders to account
Understand how pupils should be monitored
Use benchmarking to understand how well your school is supporting its pupils
Understand how to strategically address lack of performance

To truly understand the effectiveness of your school, the acid test is the extent that the organisation supports each and every pupil to reach their potential.

 Your board are expected to know how to judge if  your school is doing this and to address areas where it needs to improve in a strategic way,holding the school and its leaders to account.

 To do so effectively, those who govern need a basic understanding of how pupil's progress should be monitored, how pupils are assessed and how to evaluate their assessment results. 

This module has been designed to ensure you have all the relevant knowledge needed to carry this out and provides  an approach to using various key information sources to provide an accurate benchmarked assessment of how well your organisation is supporting its pupils' achievement. It also demonstrates how a governing board can ensure that a lack of progress by current students is addressed effectively by school leaders and how to take a strategic approach to address more deep rooted areas of weakness.

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Progress and attainment: using your data to improve educational outcomes module preview

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