The module at a glance
This module will help you to:
Understand the key features of school governance
Understand the expectations on governors
Understand the essential ingredients of an effective governing board
Reflect on the type of school that you govern
Understand how to manage conflicts of interest
Learn about the importance of constructive governanc
Study time: approximately 2 hours

In this module, the engaging content will take you through the core features of school governance across different organisations, with a focus on: core governance functions, the DfE Governance handbook, new competency framework for governors and the essential ingredients of creating an effective governing board.

You will then be able to transfer your learning to a real world understanding and reflect on how these features relate to the type of school organisation you govern, looking at the pupils, funding and education requirements.

Upon completion of this module, you will also learn about the importance of constructive governance and understand how to work effectively with the rest of your board.

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Sneak preview of the module: 

Preview of the Governance: Your role, responsibilities and organisation module

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