Inspiring Governance: volunteer or find governors

Inspiring Governance is the free online matchmaking service, connecting prospective governors with schools and colleges in England. Sign up here

Through the National Governance Association, volunteers receive free expert support for 12 months. Inspiring Governance also works with employers wanting to run programmes for their staff serving as governors.

Volunteers sign-up to become a governor or trustee, providing their location and listing the skills and experience they can offer to a board. Governors seeking new volunteers can view all the volunteers in their area or specify the skills they're looking for, connect with volunteers directly and begin the process of recruiting.

The service is fast and easy to use. Sign up today at: 

Download The Right People Around the Table: a guide to recruiting school governors and trustees

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Inspiring Governance is run by the charity Education and Employers, which works in close partnership with leading national bodies representing schools, colleges and employers, including the National Governance Association. Inspiring Governance uses the same platform as the highly successful Inspiring the Future project