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NGA's GOLDline is now open for all those governing who have questions relating to the information sheet for governing boards on coronavirus. If you are not an NGA GOLD member and have a query relating to the coronavirus, please email or call 0121 237 3782.  NGA GOLD members are asked to make a request through the usual route. 

Governing boards can often face complex challenges - GOLDline is here to help. Our team of advisers are available to deal with any questions you may have, big or small. Our advice covers strategic, procedural and legal information about governance. Topics include governance roles and responsibilities, admissions, exclusions, complaints, constitution of the board, conflicts of interest, multi academy trusts and education law.

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GOLDline is supported by leading education law firm Browne Jacobson, the approved legal partner of NGA. 

To sign up for or upgrade to GOLD membership, please contact us or join online

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility to receive the GOLDline service

1. 1 GOLDline is offered as part of the NGA membership offer to the following categories:

1.1.1 Governing boards that are GOLD members

1.1.2 Multi academy trusts that have Multi academy trust membership

1.1.3 Local Associations which provide a forum for governors and trustees in a local area and have   Local Association membership

1.1.4 Local Authorities that have group membership

2. Access to the service

2.1 The GOLDline Advice service is offered throughout the year, via the following channels


Contact information

Access Hours


0121 237 3782

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


Raise a request


*The NGA office is closed in on UK Bank Holidays and for a week in between Christmas and New Year.

2.2 In order to maintain consistency of approach and avoid potential conflicts of interest (see section 4), NGA recommends that access to GOLDline is through the Chair of the Governing Board, Clerk to the Governing Board or an authorised governor. As such it may decline requests for advice from those other than the Chair, Clerk and authorised governor but will assess each request on a case by case basis.

2.3 Local Associations can access GOLDline on matters relating to the association (not on matters relating to schools within the association).

3. Service delivery

3.1 Members contacting GOLDline via e-mail will receive an immediate, automatic acknowledgment of their enquiry.

3.2 GOLDline responds to advice requests in a timely manner and, so far as is reasonably practicable, within the timescale requested.      

3.3 GOLDline advice covers matters that relate to the governance of state funded, maintained and academy schools.

3.4 GOLDline advice is given on an impartial basis referring to relevant education legislation, guidance and practice within the context of the presenting issue.

3.5 GOLDline advice is given in consultation with NGA’S legal advisers where a legal opinion is needed to clarify an area of law.

3.6 Where the scope exists GOLDline advice will include clear recommendations based on intelligent assessment of risks and benefits.

3.7 GOLDline advice and information is given on the understanding that it is intended for the governing board as a whole. 

3.8 GOLDline will maintain professional confidentiality at all time.

3.9 NGA reserves the right to decline advice and/or withdraw GOLDline in such circumstances as NGA may determine.

3.10 Complaints about the GOLDline advice service should be made using the NGA Complaints Procedure.

4. Conflict of interest statement

4.1 A conflict of interest may arise in any situation where the service owes separate duties to act in the best interest of two or more members in relation to the same or related matters, and those duties conflict, or there is a significant risk that those duties may conflict. Where such a conflict does arise, NGA may not be able to advise a member, where advice is being or has already been given to another member in relation to the same or related matters – and there is a disagreement between those members in relation to such matters. In such cases, a full explanation will be given to the member together with information on how they might access alternative support.

5. Indemnity

5.1 GOLDline is included in NGA’s Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover.

We may update or change these Terms and Conditions, from time to time.  If we do amend these Terms and Conditions, any changes we make will be binding on you in respect of your continued use of GOLDline


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