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Governing board evaluation

Calling educators: a governing board needs you


Teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders are being encouraged to join the governing board of another school or trust in the Educators on Board campaign initiated by NGA, which has received the backing of organisations supporting and representing education professionals.

Since Educators on Board began in 2019 large numbers of educators have volunteered and provided real endorsements of governing.

There are enormous professional development benefits to joining a local governing board. Governing in a different school provides valuable experience of strategic leadership, including finance and human resources for aspiring leaders whilst teachers can utilise and grow their skills and experience in a different context.

Governing boards must have a balance and diversity of knowledge, skills and experience – including that of education professionals – in order to be effective. By sharing their expertise, educators can support governing boards in one of their core duties of holding executive leaders to account for the for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

Emma Knights, chief executive of the National Governance Association

“Governing boards need to make sure they have the right people around the table and that means including people who have educational knowledge and expertise. Boards, as the employer, can create a culture that enables staff in their school to go out and govern – they can bring back practice from other contexts and will have an understanding of what a governing board does. It is absolutely fabulous development for educationalists and when considering succession planning to leadership positions, staff who govern will also have experience of strategic leadership and working with a board. We know tired teachers and leaders will be at this point of the term but while you are taking stock for the new year .”I encourage you to to consider whether governing is for you – but more importantly so do educators who are already on boards."

Appearing in short films to promote the opportunity, the campaign has won the support of:

The Chartered College of Teaching’s Chief Executive, Professor Dame Alison Peacock

“If you’re a teacher and you govern in another school, you gain the opportunity to learn about finances, about the way they organise their curriculum – it’s a fantastic form of professional development.”

Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) General Secretary, Geoff Barton

"As a leader, you are bound to be able to contribute to what the board is doing strategically and there will be ideas that you can bring back…We want to encourage to encourage as many people as possible to become an educator on board.”

NAHT’s Director of Policy, James Bowen

“You get to see leadership in a whole different context… It’s the best form of CPD you will ever get, particularly for aspiring leaders.”

Independent Schools Council Chief Executive, Julie Robinson

“I would urge independent schoolteachers to consider becoming a governor in a state school – they can benefit hugely from the experience and we hope that teachers and school leaders will want to work together, sharing staff as governors across the country.”

Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) Director of Policy, Julie McCulloch, who is herself a trustee at a large multi academy trust

“NGA’s Educators on Board scheme is a fantastic one to encourage everyone in education to govern… I would really encourage everybody to take advantage!”

To find out more about the value of governing from your peers and how to volunteer , visit NGA’s Educators on Board campaign page.