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NGA comments on 2023 AS, A levels, T Levels and level 3 vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) results, published today.


Young people are receiving their A Levels, AS Levels, and vocational exam results today, so on behalf of all school governors, trustees and governance professionals nationwide, we want to congratulate all those receiving their results.

We recognise the hard work, preparation and perseverance of all students when preparing for exams, especially for those many students who may have sat formal exams for the first time in the aftermath of the pandemic.

We also want to thank school leaders and teachers for their dedication and commitment to supporting pupils through this challenging period and using their expertise to guide pupils to achieve to the best of their ability in this difficult transition to pre-pandemic exams and assessments. 

This year’s results are similar to 2019 results, with 26.5% of students achieving a grade A or above, compared to 25.2% in 2019. However, when compared to 2022's results, there has been a decline of 9.4% achieving a grade A or above. 

Following Ofqual’s two-year plan published in September 2021 to return to pre-pandemic grading, results are lower than in of 2022. However, there were still allowances in place for this year’s cohort due to the recognition of the ongoing impact on learning from the pandemic.

Governing boards were informed of this via Ofqual's Chief Regulator Jo Saxton's letter to governors and trustees and have continued to ensure they offer the right support to staff to ensure successful pupil academic outcomes and in managing expectations.

Regardless of the results, NGA knows that governing boards will support their school leaders and staff to provide all pupils guidance and support for their next steps.

We wish all students all the very best for the future.


Emma Balchin, incoming joint Chief Executive, National Governance Association, said:

“We want to offer our huge congratulations to all students receiving their results today and remind you all that you are so much more than your grades. You have shown so much resilience and perseverance to come to where you are today, and we know that your schools and trusts will support you tirelessly to use whatever happens today to shape your futures positively.

The return to pre-pandemic grading means that while national results are lower than last summer, governors and trustees can begin to compare this year’s results with 2019, which was the last year that summer exams were taken before the pandemic. Whilst exam boards did guarantee some protections regarding disruptions, the devolved nations have kept higher buffers in place, so it is critical that universities and employers both in the UK and abroad take this into consideration so that young people in England aren't at a disadvantage to their overseas peers, those in previous cohorts and devolved nations."