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Governing Matters Spring 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of Governing Matters, featuring new thinking on teacher development, Children's Mental Health and academy trust governance. We've also curated a series of articles focused on board efficiency – from navigating the complex art of board reporting to understanding the board’s role in policy setting and review.

Explore some of our featured articles below and discover a range of case studies, insights and sector news.

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Cover story

Fostering expertise and growth

NGA’s deputy chief executive, Sam Henson, spoke with the Teacher Development Trust’s co-CEOs David Weston and Gareth Conyard on their work supporting the profession and what needs to change.

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Feature story

Children’s Mental Health Week

Sarah Williams-Robbins at Place2Be encourages children and young people to make their voices heard and share what matters. This article looks at the barriers children face to accessing mental health support, cross-sector activity, and school engagement.

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Feature story

An exclusion evolution?

In this article, Ella Colley, NGA head of content, reflects on recent discussions at our leadership forum, exploring steps towards a fairer, more sustainable exclusion process for pupils and a less distressing one for governing boards.

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Feature story

Rethinking board reporting

Exploring the reality of board reporting, the impact on workload, and key principles to help get it right. Find out how to start a conversation about reporting as a shared responsibility and improve your board's approach.

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Feature story

Three steps to policy heaven

Overwhelmed by policy review and approval? In this article, Ella Colley, NGA’s head of content, offers some simple steps to ease the burden. Explore the article for advice on delegating policy approval, keeping it strategic and maximising your impact.

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