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Minimising exclusions


Module updated!

This module has been updated in line with the latest statutory guidance on 07/09/23.

At a glance

This module is designed to aid governors in ensuring that exclusion cases in their school are minimised while working towards the best outcomes for the school and all pupils.

You will cover:

an example of an exclusions case as a governor on the panel
your own initial responses to poor pupil behavior
how your school’s behaviour policy is implemented and monitored by governors
how your school supports vulnerable young people
the latest thinking, impact and trends in relation to permanent exclusions
the latest Timpson review
Study time

15 minutes

Certificate upon completion

Module description

With the number of exclusions rising, negative outcomes for young people are a reality. Therefore, governors need to ensure that they have done all they can to support the young person in question. This interactive module takes you through an exclusion from all sides, and how governors and trustees can work with the school to minimise the number of exclusions.

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    • “The use of an actual Case History, giving both the child's and teacher's viewpoints gave this Module a sense of reality, rather than being ideology based.”

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    • “The opportunity to write down your reflections on each reflective activity. This prompted me to think about each aspect clearly.”


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    • “Overall a useful unit and I will further explore my school’s behaviour & exclusion policy”

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      Who developed this module?

      Emma Balchin
      Emma Balchin

      Co-Chief Executive

      Emma has over 25 years’ experience in education, leadership and school improvement and in leading professional development services. Emma has also governed and chaired across maintained schools, academy trusts and local academy committees.

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