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NGA MAT Governance Network

NGA’s MAT governance network has now been running for six years, and during that time it has contributed hugely to the development of NGA’s sector leading expertise on MAT governance.  The network brings together MATs of all shapes and sizes to share experiences and best practice, establishing high-level conversations with other education and policy organisations including the Department for Education.  This network is a unique platform to explore, seek and share answers to the biggest governance challenges impacting the sector today, while also celebrating and learning from successes, ideas and best practice. The network has provided hundreds of MAT trustee boards the space to think, consolidate and learn new and proven approaches to effective MAT governance

The network is open to those governing at all levels within trusts, and benefits from the diverse viewpoints this brings. The MAT sector faces distinct challenges, and this network allows these challenges to be identified and discussed. From the role of members to the local tier, to mergers and scheme of delegation, many of the prominent governance issues facing the sector today are unique to MATs. The network  provides an invaluable opportunity for those governing in MATs to share and learn from each other, improving practice in the sector.

Each of our network events have a different focus, reflecting the latest trends and conversations within the sector. Content includes:

Expert analysis – we invite key figures and thought leaders from across the sector and beyond, to share their thinking and perspectives on the latest developments for MATs and the governance of complex organisations. We always leave time for questions from attendees, so there can be direct engagement with these leading voices in the sector.

Training and development – NGA staff provide keynotes, workshops and seminars on MAT specific issues, from financial oversight over a number of schools, to setting executive pay to establishing effective communications channels across your organisation

Sharing experiences – we facilitate time for attendees to simply come and share their challenges and successes from governing on the ground with each other. This can be through breakout discussions for small groups, panels of those governing currently, or whole meeting conversations.

Identifying new resources – we make sure to alert attendees to new resources which will support their governance, including official Department guidance, and new resources on the NGA Knowledge Centre.

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