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NGA’s annual report of achievements 2022 published


The annual report shows NGA's activities over the year that contribute to delivering its charitable aim of improving the educational standards and wellbeing of young people by increasing the effectiveness of governing boards and promoting high standards.

Highlights from this year's activities include 71 new or updated resources added to NGA's Knowledge Centre, which received 662,529 total views. The GOLDline advice service resolved 2,108 queries, a 4% increase from last year, 63% of which were resolved on the same day. Learning Link e-learning, the market leader for e-learning in the school governance sector, saw an increase in users of 13%, with 5,349 new users logging in to access modules, including 18 that added this year.

NGA’s professional development services also continue to thrive, with 614 chairs and governance professionals benefitting from our leading governance training programmes, a 14% increase in training activity for 74 organisations and 13 experts added to our National Leaders of Governance programme (NLG), which the Department of Education awarded to NGA in 2021.

The report also showcases NGA's continued production of information and insight on a breadth of governance and education topics, including a significant focus over the year on equality, diversity and inclusion, multi academy trust governance and governance professionals. As the expert leaders in school and trust governance, the report highlights the actions that NGA has taken with other sector organisations and government to influence policy and represent the voice of governors, trustees and governance professionals.

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Lynn Howard, chair of trustees at NGA said:

"I am proud to lead an organisation which is so firmly centred on a desire to influence, shape and support the practice, culture and impact of school and trust governance from a position of such knowledge. Despite changing structures, NGA continues to be the experts on the governance of state schools and academy trusts, leading the way in providing data and insight through our survey reports.”


Emma Knights, chief executive of NGA said:

"This report lays out the range of topics that NGA has prioritised over the past twelve months, and here I can only pick out a few highlights. It has been a year of much discussion with members and with the DfE about the shape of the future school system and I am pleased that NGA was so instrumental in helping shape the definition of strong trust governance, and ensuring local governance was central to that vision”.