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Clerking Matters


Advancing governance professionals

NGA is committed to championing governance professionals in their vital role providing independent and expert advice and guidance to the board on its duties and functions, and delivering administrative support which contributes to the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and compliance of boards in academies and maintained schools.

NGA’s work on advancing governance professionals began with the Clerking Matters campaign. The campaign was set up in 2013 with the following aims:

  1. to increase the understanding of the importance of the work of clerks and what can be expected of a well-trained clerk
  2. to help governing boards find good clerks where there is difficulty in doing this
  3. to help clerks know where continuing professional development can be found
  4. to encourage the appropriate remuneration of clerks

Key outcomes of the campaign

  • Essential resources in the Knowledge Centre for governance professionals to deliver support, advice and guidance to their boards including model role descriptions that cover clerking responsibilities in different governing structures, and an annual appraisal document covering a twelve-month cycle, which can be adapted to fit different clerking roles.
  • Research and recommendations that inform what clerks should be paid.
Explore the career pathway Governance professional careers
NGA has developed the governance professional career pathway as a resource to support the career journey of current and aspiring governance professionals. The pathway helps clerks and other governance professionals to progress in different roles, find CPD, and understand their earning potential.