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NGA comments on the government’s decision to freeze pay for most teachers


On 21 July, the school teachers’ review body (STRB), which advises the government on teacher pay, made its 2021 report. The education secretary has confirmed that his proposed response is to accept the recommendations in full.

The STRB has recommended a pay award of £250 for all teachers earning less than £24,000 (or the recommended equivalent value for teachers in the London pay areas). This follows the announcement made by the chancellor last year that public sector workers, including teachers, earning more than £24,000 a year would have their pay frozen in 2021-22.  As a result the STRB were to only consider pay uplifts for those earning less than £24,000 a year.

In a written submission to the STRB in February, NGA agreed with those organisations representing most teachers and school leaders in England, who say that the positive impact of a pay uplift for those teachers earning the full time equivalent of basic earnings of less than £24,000, will be negated by adverse impact of a public sector pay freeze, both on retention and recruitment at senior level. This remains our position and furthermore it is our view that the restoring teacher pay to previous levels should be viewed as integral to the strategy for post COVID educational recovery.