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Governing Matters November 2022

Governing matters issue 5 2022

Explore the November 2022 issue of Governing Matters members' magazine. This issue features highlights on addressing education disadvantage; action needed on the school funding crisis; safeguarding and the pandemic; young volunteers governing; a view form MATs, and much more.

Take a look at some of our featured articles below and discover a whole range of news covering in-depth topics.

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Cover story

Addressing educational disadvantage: 25 top tips

Marc Rowland, adviser for improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners for the Unity Schools Partnership, talks to NGA about how governing boards can approach educational disadvantage.

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Feature article

School funding crisis: action needed now

Far from improving, the school funding situation is worsening and will cause severe harm now and in the future. The government need to act now to tackle this bleak situation, says Steve Edmonds.

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Steve Edmonds

Featured article

Safeguarding and the pandemic

One of the most concerning outcomes of the COVID disruption is the increase in safeguarding concerns, as NGA’s Fiona Fearon explains.

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Fiona Fearon

Feature article

The young volunteers governing

Ciarán Scott, NGA senior PR officer, discussed our Visible Governance campaign with Jacob Powell, a young trustee at NGA’s Young Governors Network meeting.

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Featured article

A view from the MATs

MAT trustees share their views on aspects of the white paper, including accountability and trust size.

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Feature article

Above and beyond

Now, more than ever, schools serve their communities as more than educators, acting as an oasis for many struggling families, explains NGA’s Sam Henson

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