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Good MAT governance: an introduction

This session can be booked alone, but it is part of the Development for MAT trustees programme. 

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To be an effective board member you need to grasp the key characteristics of MAT governance and what is expected of a MAT trustee. This session develops your practical understanding of good MAT governance.

At a glance

This session will cover:  

The power of governance  and core governance functions
Ultimate accountability of the board 
Role and responsibilities
Mission, culture and values
Governing ethically – standards of behaviour
Exploring DfE’s understanding of the characteristics of strong strategic trust governance
  • The only thing that could have improved the session would be for me to improve my IT skills, I thought the content and presentation were warm, friendly and extremely professional.


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    About this workshop

    • New MAT trustees or those soon to start in the trustee role 
    • Existing MAT trustees looking to check or refresh their understanding of the role 
    • Trust leaders wanting to develop their understanding of good MAT governance 

    This session will:

    • provide a practical grounding in how governance should work in academy trusts and how to fulfil the expectations of a trustee to make an impact
    • highlight current challenges faced by MATs and deal with important themes such as staying strategic, ethical governance, stakeholder engagement, and organisational growth
    • Led by an experienced facilitator with expertise in MAT governance, this small-group session will allow you to work with other MAT trustees to understand good practice in terms of board accountability and trustee roles and responsibilities.
    • The session will be interactive using a mixture of participant activities and facilitator-led explanation and discussion.
    • It will be supported by session materials, including a Resource Toolkit to direct and facilitate your next steps.

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