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As part of our Visible Governance in Schools campaign we are encouraging people to share their governance  story, reflect on their role and celebrate the work they do. We have asked NGA staff who govern to share why they are proud to be governors and trustees and some of their favourite things about governing.

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Simon Richards, Regional Development Lead

"My favourite part of being a governor is seeing proof of the progress children are making, not just scrutinising test results but seeing for myself the development of skills and knowledge, particularly when pupils make a presentation to the governing board so that we can see our school vision in action.

I know I have made a difference as chair when a sounding-board type discussion with our headteacher creates a different perspective of the strategic issues to ensure that we remain focussed on making decisions in the best interests of the children."



Rani Kaur, Head of Advice

"I govern because I want to play my part in ensuring the best outcomes for all pupils. It’s important to me that every child is able to reach their full potential."




Emma Balchin, Director of Professional Development

"I have always worked to support children and young people, but my career took me away from doing that directly, so governing is a way to stay closer to impacting positively on outcomes. 

I have volunteered in some settings facing incredibly challenging circumstances; finding the right leaders, and supporting them to bring about change for the better, challenging them and encouraging them to think differently about something is really rewarding and uplifting, when you actually go into a setting to see and feel the difference." 

It has also been fantastic strategic leadership and management experience, especially to work with a staff group who are open and responsive to new ways of thinking and working.


Sam Henson, Director of Policy and Information

"I govern because schools build the future of the next generation – I want to contribute to that amazing fact. I am proud to be a trustee in a board that works as a genuine collective, to secure the best possible start in life for pupils across our schools. No one on our board is in it for themselves – we are unified in our aim of seeing our trust deliver for the sake of our pupils.

My favourite part of being a trustee is watching our decision making lead to real, positive change."



Ella Colley, Knoweldge Centre Manager

"I govern because I feel that every child deserves the best possible education and I recognise the important role governors play in making that happen. This year, I have been particularly proud to be a governor at a school where the staff work tirelessly to help every child be the best they can be and make sure families receive the support they need.

My favourite part of being a governor is meeting the pupils at my school (although not as often as I’d like for obvious reasons) – each time I visit, I learn a bit more and always leave with a renewed energy to strive for the best outcomes for the young people in my local community."



Charlotte Harding, Leading Governance Programme Manager

"I’m proud to know that I’m supporting our schools to achieve the best possible outcomes for children. I believe strongly in the power of communities and the importance of education, and as a governor I know I’m contributing to our schools not only providing academic excellence, but turning out well-rounded, happy and productive members of society."





Dr Samuel J. Tranter, Senior Advice Officer

"As education is close to my heart after spending so long at it myself, I basically govern to ensure accountability for the purpose of driving up educational standards."






Clare Collins MBE, Head of Consultancy

"I govern because school made a difference to me and I want schools to make a difference to everyone. The most rewarding aspect of governance is working with a wide range of people all of whom are driven to contribute their time and expertise to making schools better places for pupils and the wider community." 





Tara Roseblade, e-learning content developer

I govern at a maintained nursery school and am passionate about the education we offer to children who need it most. Every meeting I attend and every piece of data I’m given proves that we are making a tangible difference in the lives of the kids that pass through our doors. Nursery education ensures that children have foundational skills that make them ready and able to continue their education at higher levels. It is great to feel like you're really helping the community.

Michael Barton, Senior Advice Officer

"I govern as a way of being involved in my local community and making a difference for young people. It allows me to use my skills and experience, while also contributing to my ongoing personal development."






Howard Davies, NGA Trustee

“For me serving as a school Governor is a hugely rewarding way of supporting my local community. I especially value being able to contribute to school strategic priorities - a highlight was supporting the creation of a sixth form. It is a two way process - you grow and learn lots, whilst adding value through sharing your own professional experience to help school leaders.  Becoming a school governor is one of the best things I have ever done.”





Rachel Wilson, co vice-chair of NGA's board 

"I'm so proud to be a governor at the school I am Chair at. I love being part of the school community and seeing the children flourish from Reception to Year 6. Our school has a Rights Respecting ethos ingrained in all the children and it's wonderful for them to know that they are a respected part of the community and their voices are heard. It's the most rewarding part of my volunteering and I would recommend it to anyone." 





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