How to find and use key sources for governance

How to find and use key sources for governance

Module at a glance:
How to find and use key sources for governance

This module forms part of the Introduction to Clerking programme series. New clerks should study the modules in the order they are listed.


This module aims to help you to fulfil your role in providing guidance and support for your governing board by:

  • Helping you understand how to find and use the correct rules and guidance
  • Making you aware of key sources, law and regulation
  • Highlighting relevant constitutional documentation
  • Helping you to appreciate the difference between reliable and unreliable sources of guidance
  • Helping you to understand the limits of your competency and the importance of seeking advice elsewhere when necessary
Study time: Approximately 30 mins

No governance professional can be expected to know all of the rules and guidance. It is not possible or necessary, but you do need to have a sound base knowledge.

This module, the fourth in the Introduction to Clerking Programme, provides simple approaches that you can take to solve any governance problem, and the sources of information, guidance and support that will help you to tackle it. Through interactive activities and helpful videos from independent governance professional and NGA consultant Erica Wilson, you will gain an understanding of the key sources, laws and regulations that you need to carry out your role effectively from the start.

Our subject matter expertise

The content of this module and the introduction to clerking programme has been written by our in-house subject matter experts:

Erica Wilson – NGA consultant

Erica WilsonErica is an NGA consultant and delivers NGA training and facilitates the Leading Governance development programme for clerks. Erica trained as a local authority clerk and has been an independent clerk since 2013, working for both maintained schools and academy trusts. She has extensive experience in clerking panels and disciplinary investigations and has worked with a number of local authorities and academy trusts, developing and delivering training to clerks to governing bodies and trust boards. Erica also has experience as a school governor; a role she undertook for six years prior to becoming a professional clerk to governing bodies and trust boards.

Amy Wright, Clerking Development Manager

Amy is the Clerking Development Manager at NGA, working with the Director of Advice and Guidance, Knowledge Centre Manager and Training Programme Manager to develop the support, advice and training available to Clerks and other Governance Professionals.

Amy has over 20 years’ experience working as a Clerk to various school Governing Bodies including maintained, academy, voluntary aided, primary and secondary. Amy has also worked as a School Business Manager, Finance Manager and Administration Officer in schools and further education and delivered training sessions to Clerks; she has also served as a Parent Governor, Foundation Governor and Vice-Chair of Governors in a primary school.

Paul Aber – Head of Training Development

Paul leads and manages NGA’s face to face training, e-learning and funded development programmes for schools and academies.  This includes working alongside NGA's Head of Consultancy recruiting, training and managing NGA’s team of consultants and trainers.

Prior to joining NGA, Paul was centre director at the University of Law in York where his role included strategic planning and quality assurance.

Paul has many years’ experience of governance including maintained schools and academy trusts.

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