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Succession planning

A guide to help governing boards make succession planning part of their long-term practice.

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NGA has collaborated with Inspiring Governance and Governors for Schools to produce a guide to help governing boards make succession planning part of their long-term practice and access appropriate support.

When a chair steps down, there are sometimes no potential successors. Often an individual is compelled to take on the role on without being fully prepared for it. In some cases, when there are no volunteers, the board has no choice but to elect a chair from meeting to meeting, presenting a number of risks and challenges.

A lack of succession planning is one of the primary reasons long-standing chairs continue; because there is seemingly no alternative. Succession planning the role of chair is therefore a characteristic of an effective governing board.

Our guide to finding your next chair covers:

  • the role of chair
  • what to consider when electing or appointing a chair
  • succession planning activities that work
  • sharing leadership to support succession
  • how to access support

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