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360 review for chairs

NGA’s 360 review for chairs is an efficient and effective method for reviewing and evaluating different aspects of governance.

Simple to set up, these tools collate and analyse results which provide valuable insights and confidential feedback from your peers. Completing a 360 review also demonstrates that your board takes its performance seriously.

Training & development

What’s included?

Based on the DfE’s Competency Framework, a 360 review provides a comprehensive snapshot of your strengths and development needs. Completed by the chair and your chosen colleagues, it includes:

guidance on how to set up and run the self-evaluation

guidance about how to analyse your evaluation reports

a template governance action plan

an optional mentor session with an NGA governance consultant

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£ 260
NGA Gold and MAT members

NGA will set up the review after the payment has been made.

Standard- and non-members

£ 299

"I enjoyed the process and found no real surprises but now feel confident that I can spread this practice throughout my MAT."

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