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Governance for MAT executive leaders: working with your trust board - Autumn 2024

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This new session, designed specifically for multi academy trusts, provides the opportunity for new and experienced MAT CEOs, COOs and other executive leaders to build further understanding of how to work effectively with their trustees.

At a glance

This 90-minute online session will cover:

  • Understanding what constitutes strong trust governance
  • Acknowledging the power of good governance
  • Recognising current challenges and opportunities for MAT governance
  • Building and maintaining a successful relationship with your board and chair
  • Working together to develop the strategy
  • Getting delegation right – avoiding overlaps and gaps
  • Efficient and effective reporting for you and your board
  • Making the most of meetings

about this course

Who is this suitable for?

  • New and experienced MAT CEOs and COOs
  • Other MAT executive leaders

about this course

What are the benefits?

This session will equip you to play your part in governance well, focusing on your role and key areas of the relationship between the board and senior executive leaders. Covering current themes, common challenges and realistic expectations, it explores how the executive team can contribute to and benefit from good governance practice.

It will help you to make the most of the support and challenge available to achieve effective governance, strong outcomes for pupils, a sustainable organisation and a healthy culture. 

about this course

How will you learn?

  • For the convenience of busy executive leaders, this 90-minute standalone session focuses on the essentials and is delivered online at the end of the school day
  • It will be facilitated by a quality-assured NGA consultant with relevant governance expertise of senior leadership within MATs and in MAT governance
  • The session will be interactive with a mixture of participant activities and facilitator-led explanation and discussion
  • It will be supported with session materials including a resource toolkit to help with next steps
  • The session will also identify opportunities for further professional development through other NGA training and services, including the Leading Governance programme of development workshops for MAT trustees.



  • "Comprehensive and clear training."

  • "A very useful resource!"


    Member price

    £ 60

    Members' discount applies. If you are booking with the members' discount, please have your trust's postcode ready for filling the booking form.

    Non-member price

    £ 125

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