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Good chairing is one of the eight elements of effective governance, and to support governing boards in developing and planning their future leadership (chairs/ vice chairs), National Governance Association (NGA) has published new practical guidance on succession planning

Succession planning is about ensuring continuity within an organisation, by having the right people in the right place at the right time, and this guide explores the concept in terms of a governing board, recruiting new governors/trustees and encouraging learning and development. The guide notes however “succession planning is not something that every governing board is proactive in addressing” which leads to the appointment of a new chair being a last minute decision, based on availability or who has served the longest, rather than someone who wants – or is the best person for – the role.

Five short sections cover:

  1. Getting this basics in place
  2. Establishing a culture of succession
  3. Using the succession cycle
  4. Developing governors and trustees
  5. Ensuring leadership      

Further resources

  • The Chair's Handbook -  an essential guide for chairs and aspiring chairs of governing boards

  • Inspiring Governance - a free, online service that connects volunteers who are interested in becoming governors and trustees with schools that need them.

  • Future Chairs - a free recruitment service designed to help governing boards that will need a chair, vice-chair or committee chair within a year to connect with volunteers with the right skills and willingness to take on a leadership role.

  • Leading Governance - a training programme for chairs (including future chairs), clerks and boards, funded by the DfE.

  • The right people around the table - guidance to support governing boards in recruiting and retaining skilled governors or trustees.

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