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Will you join us in championing the positive difference that good governance makes to schools and trusts?

We’re encouraging governors, trustees and clerks and other governance professionals to be bold and be positive about sharing what they do and why they do it, highlight their contribution to the education system and shine a light on the difference that good governance makes to the success of schools and trusts.

We are also encouraging the people and organisations who value the role of school and trust governance to champion and participate in the campaign.

With your support, we can achieve a higher profile and better understanding of governance, and further improve outcomes for children and their communities – a goal which we know will be important to you too.

About the campaign

School and trust governance is almost always invisible when it is working well, and very much in the spotlight when things go wrong.

School governance needs to be recognised and celebrated for its positive role in ensuring things go right for pupils, staff and schools, ensuring the best possible education experience. Good governance is not an insurance policy which picks up the pieces when things have gone awry; it is a central component of a successful organisation. Through this collective action, we want school governance to take its rightful place as a visible, valued and understood component of the education system.

In 2020 NGA launched its Visible Governance in Schools campaign to celebrate, champion and raise the profile of the impact of good governance on schools. We were delighted with how governance volunteers and professionals and the wider education community, embraced the campaign.

After pausing the campaign due to COVID-19 we are pleased to be relaunching in 2021.

Over the past year, boards have played a significant role in supporting their leaders, staff and communities. This crisis has forced governance to become more visible than it usually is and we are relaunching the campaign to keep this new found visibility alive. While schools continue to face huge challenges we want to recognise and thank the governors, trustees, clerks and other governance professionals who continue to support their schools and work to ensure their best of their pupils and communities.

Throughout the campaign we will be sharing ideas, activities and resources to celebrate the power of governance, the people that volunteer for the role and the value that good governance brings to the schools system.

What's planned?

Throughout the campaign NGA will be: 

  • Encouraging and equipping individual governors, trustees and clerks, and boards to be visible through activities and resources
  • Share inspiring examples of visibility and the impact of good governance
  • Work with key groups to increase both understanding and volunteering
  • Continue to raise the profile of school governance in the media and with national policy makers
  • Highlight the different aspects of governance with various groups including education professionals, employers, parents and pupils
  • Recognise and celebrate the contribution of boards and governance professionals through the Outstanding Governance Awards 2021
  • Encourage and offer support to people to nominate for a national honour governors, trustees and governance professionals who have made a significant individual contribution to education.

Resources and getting involved

Find out more about our Visible Governance activity and how you can get involved:

Celebration and recognition

Actions to make governance visible

Executive leaders and their boards

Clerks and other governance professionals


Follow us on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see more activity on the campaign and check out the hashtag #VisibleGovernance to see how others are getting involved.

Partner with us

If you are local authority, local association, groups of schools, diocese, education sector organisation, employer or other organisation wishing to collaborate in this campaign, we would be delighted to work with you and share ideas – please contact

Get in touch

We will also communicate with members through the weekly newsletter, Governing Matters and our events. We welcome your ideas and comments for the Visible Governance campaign contact


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