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Revenue funding

NGA's position statement on revenue funding

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A fundamental principle for the NGA is that all revenue funding should be objectively, transparently and equitably distributed. This does not mean that all schools should receive the same amount of funding, but that schools should receive funding to ensure equality of opportunity for all pupils. 

NGA is disappointed that the funding distribution mechanism has not been reformed and will continue to campaign for its revision. Any new national formula needs to be responsive to the diverse population in schools in England. While the NGA accepts that no formula could or should, cover every possible difference in size and structure, there should be scope for some local differentiation.

NGA accepts that when a new national formula is introduced transitional arrangements will be necessary, but thinks that these should be kept to the minimum possible time period.

Any revised formula should apply to all maintained mainstream schools and academies to cover similar costs (e.g. staffing/heating/curriculum resources). It would be sensible for all state funded schools to be funded on the basis of the same funding year.

Funding settlements should be for a minimum of three years to enable schools to properly plan their budgets.

NGA is also concerned about the funding arrangements for special schools and for pupils with statements/education and health care plans in mainstream schools. We are particularly concerned about the lack of ‘consistency’ in top-up funding for these pupils. We hope that the review of the high-needs funding regime will ensure that funding is appropriately targeted at some of our most vulnerable young people.

NGA supports the continuation of targeted funding, in the form of the pupil premium or otherwise, to help improve the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.

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