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Staff pay in academy trusts

Learn how the trust board fulfils its responsibilities for setting and monitoring pay.

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Academy trust boards have ultimate responsibility for pay decisions as the legal employer of staff in their trust. Trusts develop their own terms and conditions for new staff, although many trusts choose to continue to use the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) that governs pay in maintained schools as the basis for the employment of teaching staff. Some trust staff may be covered by TUPE regulations - the STPCD may apply in such cases.

NGA recommends that the trust board delegates responsibility for approving staff pay decisions to the CEO and academy heads and appoints a committee to review and determine the pay of the CEO. The pay policy should clearly set out which pay decisions have been delegated to whom, including the role of the academy committees (local governing bodies) in monitoring pay decisions at academy level.

This guidance sets out how the governing body fulfils its responsibilities, covering;

  • the pay policy
  • the CEO's pay
  • pay decisions for other staff
  • managing appeals
  • oversight of staff pay

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