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Governing board roles

The role of the local tier in MATs

Advice on developing a role and structure for the local tier of governance in a multi academy trust.

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Multi academy trust (MAT) boards are accountable for decisions about all schools within the trust. However, many functions of the trust board can, and should be, delegated elsewhere, including to the local tier (who you might refer to as academy committees or local governing bodies).

The local tier forms the bridge between the trust board and its schools and is integral to the governance of the vast majority of MATs. The nature and extent of the responsibilities delegated to the local tier will vary depending on the role given to it by the trust board.

Our guide for MAT trustees sets out why the local tier is important and provides advice on understanding and developing a role and structure.

The guide covers:

  • the structure and role of the local tier
  • delegated responsibilities
  • communication and reporting mechanisms
  • reviewing the local tier role

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