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Headteacher appraisal and capability


At a glance

This module is designed to help governors and trustees fulfil their statutory duties around headteacher appraisals.

You will cover:

the aims and purpose of the appraisal
the capability process
how to conduct an appraisal effectively
how to take appropriate action when there are doubts about a headteachers capability
Study time

55 minutes

Certificate upon completion

Module description

A key priority of any governing board is ensuring the school is performing well and following best practice, and this includes holding the headteacher to account.

The headteacher appraisal is a vital task for your board to undertake, so make sure it is carried out successfully with this interactive learning.

Throughout this module you will improve your knowledge on the appraisal aims and capability process, as well as understanding how to conduct an appraisal effectively.

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