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Equality, diversity & inclusion

Tools to support equality, diversity and inclusion

Find effective ways to evaluate your board's approach to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Tools & templates

NGA published a series of commitments to improving diversity on governing boards, particularly in relation to race. In line with our statement of intent, we have collated the following tools to help boards evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

Tools focused on evaluating racial diversity

The Race and Conscious Equality Charter Mark 

  • Developed by The Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT) in partnership with Fig Tree International.
  • The RACE Charter Mark offers a formal way of championing race equality. The process results in a dynamic action plan, which works alongside the organisation’s strategic planning.

Visit the Fig Tree International website to find more information on The Mark and associated costs. Fig Tree are also developing an Anti-Racism Award for multi academy trusts.

The RACE Code

  • Developed by Dr Karl George, a leading advisor and commentator on governance globally, together with a panel of expert campaigners, academics, practitioners, and representatives of other organisations.
  • The RACE Code provides an accountability framework based on four key principles: reporting, action, composition and education. It can be self-adopted or adopted with the support of RACE Code consultants.

Visit the RACE Equality Code website for more information.

Tools focused on evaluating wider diversity and inclusion

Educating for Equality Mark

  • Developed by Educating for Equality, who aim to support schools in their journey towards true equality (and equity). 
  • This mark provides schools with a framework, informed by research principles, to guide your journey towards becoming an anti-racist and gender equal school. The process includes self-evaluation and external assessment, culminating in an award.

For more information visit the Educating for Equality website.

Equalities Award

  • Developed by EqualiTeach, a not-for-profit organisation providing high quality, interactive training and support on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion for education settings.
  • This award provides support and guidance for schools to fulfil their statutory duties on equality, effectively promote equality, diversity and inclusion and showcase their commitment. The award is assessed by an online audit using written and photographic evidence.

Visit the EqualiTeach website for further information.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Governing board diversity

Governing boards should actively work on embodying the values they wish to see within their school/trust. This includes thinking about whether the membership composition of the board reflects the organisation, the community it serves and wider society.

Evaluate the diversity of your board

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