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Greener governance

An introduction to the board’s role in environmental sustainability

Lady handing out documents in a meeting

Join Emma Knights OBE, NGA’s Chief Executive, as she covers:

  • The four Cs of environmental sustainability – culture, curriculum, campus, and community
  • Leading change and engaging stakeholders in a whole-organisation approach
  • Setting strategic goals linked to environmental sustainability
  • Monitoring progress and reviewing the approach
  • The DfE’s draft sustainability and climate change strategy for education and children’s services published during COP26

Visit our Greener Governance campaign page to find out more.

Emma Knights OBE
Emma Knights OBE

Co-Chief Executive

As NGA’s Co-Chief Executive, Emma promotes the interests of the school governance community nationally with legislators, policy makers, education sector organisations and the media. Emma is an accomplished writer and speaker on a range of school governance policy and practice topics.

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