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Policies & procedures

Handling complaints in schools and trusts


At a glance

You will cover:

components of a robust complaints procedure
effective board oversight of complaint management
elements of a robust complaints investigation
Study time

45 minutes

Module description

The complaints process is an internal conflict resolution mechanism designed to address stakeholder views and improve service for pupils and the community.

This new module aims to explore comprehensive complaints management components to reduce and resolve complaints efficiently.

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    Who developed this module?

    Fariha Choudhury
    Fariha Choudhury

    Advice Officer

    Fariha provides advice to NGA GOLD members, alongside writing for the website, magazine and weekly newsletter.

    Rani Kaur
    Rani Kaur

    Head of Advice

    Rani oversees NGA’s Advice team and GOLDline service. She leads on the SEND and premises management policy areas and manages NGA’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion. She is co-chair of an infant and nursery school in Solihull.

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