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Strategic planning

An introduction to being strategic

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At a glance

Every governing board needs strong strategic planning and leadership to shape the practice and culture of its school or trust effectively and to achieve improvements. This session explores how to ensure your vision is met through strengthening your board’s strategic approaches.

This session will cover:

Why being strategic is a core governance function
Introducing the Framework for Governance
The strategic planning cycle, including monitoring and evaluation
From vision to strategy in practice
Governing principles
The relevance of organisational culture
Fully bespoke

This session can be tailored to the circumstances of your school or trust.

2 hour session

about this course

Who is this suitable for?

The session is suitable for the following and will be contextualised for each setting:

  • Governors
  • Trustees
  • MAT academy committee members (local governing body)

We would also recommend the attendance of:

  • The governance professional
  • The senior leader

about this course

What are the benefits?

Unpicking what it means to be strategic in practice can be a challenge. By the end of this session, your board will have a clear understanding of how strategic thinking should inform planning cycles, monitoring and holding to account.

This is important to meet the expectations set out in the Department for Education’s Competency Framework and Governance Handbook which state that effective boards should provide confident, strategic leadership to their organisations, lead by example and set the tone from the top.

about this course

How will you learn?

  • This session can be delivered via face-to-face or online workshop
  • It will be facilitated by a quality-assured NGA consultant with relevant governance and training expertise
  • The session will be interactive with a mixture of participant activities and facilitator-led explanation and discussion
  • It will be supported with session materials including a resource toolkit to help with next steps

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If you would like to book the session or find out more then make an enquiry.

This training is designed for a group of participants at a school, trust or other organisation.

It is also suitable for a group of schools to share.

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