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Strategic planning

Creating a new vision and strategy for your organisation

A clear vision – and a strategy to achieve it – is essential for every school or trust. This bespoke session enables you to take time out from routine board business to plan what your school or trust should look like in three to five years. It will give you a collective view of what the vision for your school or trust should be and how to develop the strategy to deliver it.

This session can be tailored to the circumstances of your school or trust.

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At a glance

This half-day session will cover:

  • Why being strategic is a core board function
  • Mission, ethos, vision and strategy
  • Horizon scanning for issues likely to affect your school or trust’s future
  • A SWOT analysis of current strengths and weaknesses
  • Input from senior executive leaders
  • Developing your vision
  • Identifying strategic priorities
  • Ideas for the future and next steps

about this course

Who is this suitable for?

The session is suitable for the following and will be contextualised for each setting:

  • Governing bodies
  • Trust boards
  • MAT academy committees (local governing body)
  • Whole governing boards in any setting

We would also recommend the attendance of:

  • The governance professional
  • The senior leadership team

about this course

What are the benefits?

By the end of this session, your board will have a clearer understanding of what its vision should look like, the key strategic priorities to achieve it and the next steps. You will also appreciate how your strategic thinking can be captured in a framework that enables your board to track progress towards achieving the vision.

about this course

How will you learn?

  • This is a half-day session – at least three hours – which is best delivered as an ‘away day’ type event, or can be delivered online
  • It will be facilitated by a quality-assured NGA consultant with relevant governance and training expertise
  • The session will be interactive with a mixture of participant activities and facilitator-led explanation and discussion. This will be focused on the achievement of a provisional vision ready to be progressed through consultation with stakeholders to a final version
  • It will be supported with session materials including a resource toolkit to help with next steps
  • "The session was highly engaging and created deep conversations that enabled everyone to contribute to what our core purposes are and what our vision for the trust would look like."


    Neville Rice


    Scartho Junior Academy

  • "The sessions were useful and the materials the NGA provides for governors are good."


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    This training is designed for a group of participants at a school, trust or other organisation.

    It is also suitable for a group of schools to share.

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