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Budget monitoring in maintained schools

Use this guide to find out what to expect from budget monitoring reports and how board use them to raise questions and respond decisively to changes in the budget.


The governing board or finance committee should receive a budget monitoring report at least six times a year and review the income and expenditure against the budget at a meeting at least three times a year.

Monitoring the budget is a key aspect of effective governance, of overseeing financial performance and making sure money is well spent.

Budget monitoring reports prepared for governing boards should be clear, concise and easy to understand. They should also provide boards with an opportunity to raise questions, concerns and respond decisively to changes in the budget.

Use our budget monitoring guide to understand what to expect from the reports you receive. The guide covers:

  • frequency and circulation of budget monitoring reports
  • what should be included in the reports
  • an example budget overview
  • scrutinising the reports
  • ensuring the reports meet your needs

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