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Governance workload

Governance workload


Why governance workload?

School and trust governing boards are ultimately accountable for ensuring that thousands of children receive a quality education. However, the governance of schools is carried out by volunteers who give their time freely, often outside of their regular work and personal commitments. This poses a significant challenge for these volunteers, as there are often discrepancies between the time required to govern effectively and the amount of time that governors and trustees can dedicate to the task.

Although conversations about governance workload are not new, we are increasingly aware of a growing sense of urgency to address it.

The governance workload project is driven by a recognition that the sustainability of school governance hinges not only on efficient working practices but also on ensuring practical and manageable expectations for these roles. Unrealistic demands not only hinder recruitment efforts but can also lead to the burnout and departure of experienced volunteers.

Therefore, our objective is to explore this matter in greater depth, seeking to understand the extent of workload concerns for those who govern and to identify key factors contributing to governance workload. To consider this proactively and in detail we are scoping a new piece of research aiming to create a document for reducing volunteer workload, grounded in the real-world experiences and insights shared by volunteers.

Your Voice Matters

NGA is committed to fostering a governance community that is resilient, engaged, and empowered. We recognise that meaningful change can only be achieved through collaboration and shared experiences.  

Therefore, we encourage you to actively participate in our discussions and offer your thoughts on how we can collectively redefine the volunteer experience. Your ideas and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the future of governance.

Contact us

Adelaide Chitanda, our dedicated project manager, is eager to hear your thoughts, insights, and suggestions. You can reach out to Adelaide at to share your input or thoughts on the matter.

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