​Please note: Only the Group account manager has the permissions to manage the group.

  1. Log in to your NGA account using the Member Log In button in the top right corner.
  2. Click on My Account in the top right corner.
  3. Click on the Group membership option in the right hand side menu.
  4. You can view a summary of the number and types of your memberships and renewal dates. 
  5. The Primary membership is the main membership account, you will see a list of your members and the roles they are associated with, you will be able to edit, add and remove the members.
  6. To add a new member to your board, click on either the Add a Chair, Add a Clerk or Add a Member button depending on the position of the person being added. These roles will be able to add the rest of the members to their board.
  7. Complete the details of the person in the form that appears and click Save. This person will then receive an automatic welcome email with steps on accessing the website.
  8. To remove a person from your board, select the Remove Member button next to the relevant person.
  9. On Schools within your group, you can add the Account Manager and Clerk to each of your schools. 
  10. To find the correct school, you can navigate alphabetically or by membership type.
  11. The Clerk and Account Manager for each school can manage the membership for each organisation.
    You can nominate another person or yourself to be the Account Manager or Clerk for each school.
  12. If you are not the Clerk or Account Manager for the schools, you will not have access to manage their memberships, which can be done with the Manage membership tab. Please find guidance about managing membership.
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