<p>Access at least<br />
£1,000 of DfE funding for your board’s development</p>

Access at least
£1,000 of DfE funding for your board’s development

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<p>Come and join us!<br>Now hiring for a Membership and Finance Officer</p>

Come and join us!
Now hiring for a Membership and Finance Officer

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<p>Membership<br>management is now live on our website</p>

management is now live on our website

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<p>Welcome to NGA:<br>England's leading school governance organisation</p>

Welcome to NGA:
England's leading school governance organisation

<p>Knowledge Centre:<br>your comprehensive guide to effective governance</p>

Knowledge Centre:
your comprehensive guide to effective governance

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<p>NGA membership:<br>expert support for school governance volunteers and professionals</p>

NGA membership:
expert support for school governance volunteers and professionals

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<p>Your voice:<br>shaping the future of education together</p>

Your voice:
shaping the future of education together

Who Are The NGA?

The National Governance Association (NGA) is an independent charity representing and supporting governors, trustees and clerks in maintained schools and academies in England. Our goal is to improve the wellbeing of children and young people by increasing the effectiveness of governing boards and promoting high standards. We do this by providing information, advice, guidance; by undertaking research; and by delivering face to face training, e-learning and consultancy services. We also run national conferences and a number of regional events.  NGA also works closely with, and lobbies, UK government and educational bodies, and is the leading campaigning national membership organisation for school governors and trustees.

1000+ members attended our 2018 events

Gold Membership has grown 52% since 2014-15

88% of members agreed that membership has a positive impact

Member Benefits

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Why should i join?

We have a variety of membership packages to suit your needs and and support you in your governing role. Whether it’s through providing expert advice and guidance, practical resources, knowledge sharing, or keeping you up to date on education news and policy, we can help you face new challenges as they arise.

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