Defining and collecting metrics on the quality of school governance: a feasibility study

This is the report of a feasibility study about defining and collecting metrics on the quality of school governance.

Key findings

  • This study has demonstrated that defining and collecting metrics on the quality of governance is broadly feasible. However, in order to secure confidence in the metrics, we recommend further validation.
  • We have developed nine statistically-reliable metrics, validated to a certain extent by expert reviews, that broadly identify the components of effective governance.
  • We believe, with further developmental work these metrics could possibly be applied on a large scale. For example, further examination will establish the reasons why the validation process indicated that some metrics (e.g. cohesion) were weaker. We can then decide whether the metric can be strengthened or whether the elements of governance within cohesion cannot be measured in this way. The inclusion of a cohesion metric would ensure a more powerful overall set of metrics.

Download the study (PDF)

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