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Governing board roles

School and Trust Annual Governance Survey 2023

The 13th annual school and trust governance survey 


For the 13th year in a row, NGA has conducted a survey to collect and analyse the insights, views and experiences of governors and trustees all over England. The purpose of this survey is to obtain the perspectives of governors and trustees to influence and shape education policies. Due to the lack of official statistics, our survey and report present a comprehensive understanding of the condition of school and trust governance in England.

This main report delves deeper into the key findings outlined in the interim report, placing a spotlight on how different school structures, phases and governing boards are impacted by these challenges. The report explores and expands on the following:

  • Academisation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • MAT governance
  • Governance practice
  • Rising safeguarding concerns
  • Views around industrial action
  • Staff recruitment and retention
  • Governor/ trustee recruitment and retention

The report identifies the challenges schools and trusts across England face and the strategic priorities governing boards set. NGA will use these findings in continuing to influence policy makers and partners and to inform our ongoing priorities.

Survey methodology

The NGA annual school and trust governance survey is the largest survey of its kind and provides an extensive overview of the governance of state funded schools in England. The survey provides unrivalled insight on the demographic, views and experiences of one of England’s largest volunteer forces. It was open to all school governors, trustees and academy committee members. In total, 2,695 respondents engaged with the survey.

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