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Training can be delivered via face-to-face and online workshops by NGA consultants. Our workshops are easily accessible and designed to be both interactive and engaging. They provide the opportunity to learn with fellow governors and trustees on a virtual or face-to-face basis.

Session impact

Part of your role as a governor or trustee may include being involved in formal panels from time to time.

You may be required to make tough decisions in the name of school improvement and pupil welfare. This session has been designed to help you navigate this situation effectively. 

The purpose of the session

Sitting on a formal panel is a daunting prospect for governors, trustees and academy committee members; being required to attend a panel can be equally daunting for senior executive leaders, pupils and parents. 

At the end of this session you should have a clear picture of the guidance and policies you will need to be aware of and be confident that you will be able to navigate the process and make sound decisions.

What will the session cover?

  1. Why panels are needed
  2. Principles and starting points
  3. Judicial method
  4. The panel hearing

Who should attend?

Governors, trustees and academy committee members

The clerk to the board (or panel if this is likely to be a different person)  

The senior leadership team

It is for suitable for a number of schools to share

This session is designed for a minimum of 10 participants, and works best with between 13 and 25.

How will the session work?

All NGA sessions are interactive and provide information, activities and opportunities for discussion.

This session includes a walkthrough of a panel reviewing the head teacher’s decision to permanently exclude a pupil.  This can be adapted to other circumstances e.g. a staff disciplinary hearing. 

For more information on this session, please submit a 'contact us' form at the top of this page or phone 0121 237 3788 (option 5)

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