The gender pay gap measures the difference between the average hourly pay rate for men and the average hourly pay rate for women. Although related, it is distinct from equal pay.

This report is intended to inform debate and highlight areas where action may be needed to ensure that women leaders and educators are valued appropriately and equitably for the work that they do. This in turn should help the sector to retain more experienced women as leaders in our schools and trusts and our children to learn about leadership from more diverse role models.

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The report explores the gender pay gap differences across the education sector and whether there has been any progress in reducing the gap in recent years. The analysis was conducted by NGA, WomenEd, ASCL and NAHT.

Key findings

  • Despite the existence of a broad national pay framework, analysis of the School Workforce (SWC) statistics shows that, regardless of school phase or structure, men typically earn more than women. The more senior the position, the wider the gulf becomes.
  • This difference between average salaries of men and women increases with age and seniority in roles
  • The difference is particularly stark for headteachers working in secondary academy schools.
  • In the limited number of cases where the average salary pay gap favours women, the difference tends to be far smaller.

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