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June 2022 - The SEND green paper: what boards need to know

Join NGA’s Steve Edmonds and Rani Kaur as they discuss the proposed policies set out in the government SEND and alternative provision green paper and what they may mean for schools and the wider system for supporting children and young people with special educational needs. Steve and Rani will also revisit some key messages about ensuring the effective governance of SEND.

May 2022 - What the White Paper means for governing boards

The publication of the DfE’s long awaited white paper has wide-ranging implications for the entire sector.  While it provides a steer for how the government looks to achieve its intended ambition, it also creates questions as we wait for further details. 

Join NGA’s chief executive, Emma Knights, and NGA’s Director of Policy and Communications as they get to the bottom of what the white paper does and doesn’t tell us, and how the completed picture might look over time.

April 2022 - Pupil attendance

Join NGA’s Fiona Fearon and Dr Sam Tranter as they discuss the board’s role and responsibilities in improving and maintaining good attendance and what that might look like in practice. The webinar will cover:

  • The principles of an effective attendance strategy
  • Legal requirements
  • The hidden realities behind persistent absence
  • What’s in your school/trust’s attendance toolkit

March 2022 - Behaviour and exclusions

Join NGA's Director of professional development, Emma Balchin to explore the role of governors and trustees in setting and monitoring behaviour policy, and the links to managing and minimising exclusions. The webinar will touch on:

  • The requirements of behaviour policies,
  • How governance can influence policy and practice through shaping a whole school approach to inclusion
  • The importance of stakeholder engagement and effective liaison
  • The use of exclusions

Further resources

February 2022 - Board reporting

Join Sam Henson, NGA's Director of Policy and Information as he explores the topic of executive board reporting and the information boards need to fulfil their role:

  • The delicate balance of effective board reporting
  • The importance of triangulation in giving you a true picture of your school/trust
  • The limitations of reports from executive leaders
  • The bigger picture
  • Internal and external data sources
  • Some practical ideas for triangulating key areas

January 2022 - An introduction to the board’s role in environmental sustainability

Join Emma Knights, NGA’s Chief Executive as she covers:

• the four Cs of environmental sustainability – culture, curriculum, campus, and community
• leading change and engaging stakeholders in a whole organisation approach
• setting strategic goals linked to environmental sustainability
• monitoring progress and reviewing the approach
• the DfE’s draft sustainability and climate change for education and children’s services published during COP26
• NGA’s Greener Governance campaign

NGA’s Governance Leadership Spring forums should be of interest to those of you who are already familiar with NGA’s recent guidance on this topic; we will be building there on the November guidance with accounts from schools and trusts who are already engaged with the work on environmental sustainability

Book your place onto our Governance Leadership Spring forums here

December 2021 - Leading the way on being exemplary employers

Join Steve Edmonds (NGA Director of Advice and Guidance) as he explores the role governing boards have in making their schools and trusts great places to work, where everyone can excel in the interests of pupils. Steve will be covering:

• The board’s responsibilities as the employer of staff
• Influencing workplace culture
• Promoting wellbeing
• Valuing and prioritising CPD

November 2021 - Governing in a Multi Academy Trust: Exploring organisational identity

Join Sam Henson (NGA Director of Policy and Information) as he follows up the release of NGA's MATs Moving Forwards report published earlier this year, in exploring organisational identity from the viewpoint of the Trust Board including:

Establishing the culture and ethos of one trust
Agreeing a Trust vision
Developing a strong organisational identity
Retaining a focus on the importance of local community


October 2021 - Engaging stakeholders: the governing board’s role

Join Emma Knights (NGA Chief Executive) as she explores:

•    Why stakeholder engagement is a vital component of good governance;
•    How governing boards gather the views of staff, parents, pupils, and the wider community; and how these can make a difference in decision making;
•    The respective roles of trustees, governors, and school leaders; and
•    Our new information sheet on engaging with staff. 


September 2021 - CEO and Headteacher performance management

Join NGA’s Director of Professional Development, Emma Balchin, as she explores how CEO and Headteacher performance management links to overall vision and strategy and fits within the core functions of governance.
The webinar touches on;

•    The performance management process and how this links to the overall performance of the school or trust (including the differences between school and trust 
•    Some key challenges and ideas about how to overcome them 
•    Using the process to set meaningful objectives and support wellbeing 
•    Ways to monitor and evaluate effectiveness

August 2021 - Ofsted and inspection in 2021 and beyond

Sam Henson, NGA's Director of Policy and Information will lead this webinar in providing a unique look at Ofsted from a governing board’s perspective, offering insight, fact checks and considerations for anyone involved in school governance. The webinar will include:

  • Where we are now – Ofsted’s role in a new era
  • Ofsted expectations ahead of the new academic year including recent changes to the school inspection handbook
  • Inspection and governance -  experiences under the existing Education Inspection Framework

July 2021 - Increasing participation in governing boards: Recruiting, involving and retaining volunteers

Emma Knights (NGA Chief Executive) will explore:
•    Why good governance requires diverse governing boards, and how to achieve this;
•    Recruiting the right people round the table: promoting your vacancy, targeting under- represented groups and interviewing candidates;
•    Inducting governors and trustees: NGA’s step by step guide; and
•    Engaging and retaining volunteers.

Although this webinar is very relevant to chairs, vice chairs, governance professionals and school leaders, ensuring that a governing board works as a team, covering all bases and welcoming all voices, is everyone’s business.  Emma will draw from NGA’s recent report  of this title and the accompany guidance, the Right People Round the Table.  

June 2021 - Disadvantage: defining it - and then tackling it

Fiona Fearon, NGA’s Policy and Projects Manager, delivered our latest webinar, Disadvantage: defining it - and then tackling it. 
The webinar covered:

•  The current situation – what data is telling us 
•  What constitutes to disadvantage? 
•  Addressing barriers to learning 
•  Questions for boards to ask

May 2021 - A partnership with senior leaders

A partnership with senior leaders:
what governing boards and school leaders should expect from each other

Emma Knights (NGA's Chief Executive) explores:

  • The respective roles of the governing board and those employed to run the trust or school
  • What good working relationships with senior leaders look and feel like
  • How mutual trust and respect can be developed and earned
  • The co-construction of the organisation’s strategy

This webinar will be particularly useful for governors/trustees who have recently joined a board and for executive leaders starting out in their role. It is not recommended for chairs or experienced governors/trustees.

NGA has other resources covering the key relationships between the senior executive leader and the chair, in particular the Chair’s Handbook . The Leading Governance development programme is aimed at chairs, vice chairs and future chairs.

This webinar is part of NGA’s Visible Governance campaign and its focus in May on senior leaders’ role in governance.

April 2021 - Why pupil wellbeing should be top of your agenda

Emma Balchin, NGA’s Director of Professional Development, explores how you can prioritise, promote and monitor pupil wellbeing in your role.  The webinar will cover:

  • The current situation – what data is telling us
  • Promoting a whole school wellbeing culture
  • Monitoring data on pupil wellbeing 
  • Questions for boards to ask

Our new information sheet on making pupil wellbeing a priority accompanies this webinar.

March 2021 - Governance, safeguarding and the pandemic

Governance, safeguarding and the pandemic

A key responsibility for all those governing is to keep pupils safe and well. Clare Collins, NGA’s Head of Consultancy, explored some of the new experiences and practical approaches that have emerged while tackling this unexpected governance challenge.

February 2021 - Boards and Clerks working together

Boards and Clerks working together

Join Steve Edmonds (NGA’s Director of Advice and Guidance) for an overview of how governing  boards and clerks (governance professional) develop strong and effective working relationships, which strengthen governance.     

The webinar will consider how the role of clerk (governance professional) is evolving in schools and trusts and:

  • Why clerking always matters
  • How boards challenge and support their clerk to succeed 
  • How those in clerk/governance professional role can ensure their role is understood and appreciated
  • Effective working relationships and a good rapport.

January 2021 - What does good governance look like? 

What does good governance look like? 

Good governance: Join Emma Knights (NGA’s Chief Executive) for an introduction to what constitutes good governance. The webinar will explore the three pillars of good governance:

  • Ethical governance
  • Effective governance
  • Accountable governance

And how these need to be built on agreed values and a healthy culture.

December 2020 - Virtual Governance: Integrated curriculum and financial planning​

Virtual Governance: Integrated curriculum and financial planning​

Join Paul Aber, NGA’s Head of Training Development for our latest webinar which will focus on ICFP (integrated curriculum and financial planning)

Virtual governance : using ICFP to help achieve your school or trust’s vision (and cope with COVID-19)

ICFP has been around a long time. Quite a lot has been written about it recently. Your school or trust may already be using it. With schools and trusts facing short and longer term financial pressures governing boards may find it useful to develop a better awareness of what ICFP is, how it can be used and what the role of the governing board is in this.

With this in mind this session will explore :

  • The current context 
  • Demystifying ICFP 
  • Why ICFP?
  • ICFP in action
  • Using ICFP in your school or trust

Our Integrated curriculum and financial planning​ guidance accompanies this webinar

November 2020 - Virtual Governance: Monitoring and board reporting amidst a global pandemic

Join NGA’s Director of Policy and Information, Sam Henson for this webinar which will focus on governance monitoring and board reporting amidst a global pandemic

The webinar will explore what is different about governance monitoring and reporting at this time and consider

  • What immediate priorities there are this term and beyond
  • Questions board’s should pose in relation to recovery plans
  • Monitoring the plans for and implementation of remote education
  • The results and insights gleaned from our live web poll:  ‘Has your governing board been into school for monitoring visits or meetings this term?'

Our information sheet on COVID-19 monitoring priorities accommpanies this webinar.

October 2020 - Virtual Governance: Being strategic

Being strategic

Join NGA’s Director of Advice and Guidance Steve Edmonds for this webinar, which will focus on the governing board’s first core function - ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

The webinar will introduce new, updated guidance on being strategic and explore:

  • how boards and school leaders work together to develop a clear strategy;
  • the importance of taking a longer term perspective on the things that matter - values, ethos and culture, and
  • the role of governing boards have in influencing the culture in their schools and trusts.

The webinar will be relevant for both governing boards and senior leaders.

September 2020 - Virtual Governance: How to recruit a senior executive leader

Virtual Governance: How to recruit a senior executive leader
with Judith Hicks, NGA Head of Governance Development

The first webinar for the autumn term will focus on the governing board’s vital role in recruiting a senior executive leader.

‘How to recruit a senior executive leader’ will give an overview of the entire recruitment process, explore key areas in more detail and signpost to additional resources.

If your board believes that they will be recruiting a senior executive leader in the next 12 months – then please watch the webinar today and start your planning and preparation now.

July 2020 - Virtual Governance: Planning for the Autumn term, what do boards need to know

Virtual Governance: Planning for the Autumn term, what do boards need to know
with Steve Edmonds, NGA Director of Advice and Guidance 

This webinar explores the important issues governing boards need to consider ahead of the Autumn term. The webinar will give advice based on the latest information available and will focus on the discussion between governing boards, senior executive leaders, clerks and governance professional, which covers:

  • the school/trust priorities for responding to issues created or exacerbated by COVID-19, and
  • the governance arrangements needed to support and monitor the priorities, maintain the ongoing effectiveness, productivity and compliance of the board.

June 2020 - Succession Planning: Is your board future-proofed?

Succession Planning: Is your board future-proofed?
with Simon Richards, NGA Chairs Development Manager 

The challenges that every governing board will face in the future will require the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time, especially as it is not clear yet what the new normal for schools might look like. The role of the chair is perhaps more crucial than ever, and ensuring continuity at the head of the table is one of those challenges.  This session will explore the principle of succession planning and a different approach to chair recruitment.

May 2020 - Virtual Governance: Curriculum cultivation

Virtual Governance: Curriculum cultivation
with Sam Henson, NGA Director of Policy and Information

This webinar will reflect on the boards role in driving, fostering and encouraging curriculum growth and development. You will explore what should drive the curriculum and its rationale, with a focus on intent, implementation and impact.

April 2020 - Virtual Governance: Connecting with and recruiting volunteers

Virtual Governance: Connecting with and recruiting volunteers 
with Simon Richards, NGA Chairs Development Manager 

This webinar and explores how to:

  • adapt your recruitment strategy for a virtual environment
  • continue the principles of effective governor recruitment practice
  • conduct interviews, appointments and inductions virtually



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