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Closing the gender pay gap: steps boards can take

This Governing Matters article sets out practical steps boards can take to help close the gap.

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Statistics on pay in education starkly demonstrate the extent of the gender pay gap. NGA contributed to a 2021 report that intended to inform debate and highlight areas where action may be needed to ensure that women leaders and educators are valued appropriately and equitably for the work that they do.

In this article, first featured in NGA’s Governing Matters membership magazine, Vivienne Porritt, vice-president of the Chartered College of Teaching, sets out practical steps boards can take to help close the gap.

The article covers:

  • Why is there a gender pay gap?
  • What’s contributing to this issue in schools and trusts?
  • Why is the gap a concern?
  • What can governing boards do to help close the gap?

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