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Executive leader appraisal

Learn about the stages of the appraisal process and how governing boards prepare for the annual appraisal meeting.


Governing boards conduct the performance management of the executive leader (headteacher or CEO) through a continuous cycle that includes an annual appraisal, where objectives are reviewed and set for the year ahead.

An effective appraisal process ensures accountability but is also supportive. It provides a basis for decisions on pay progression and meeting the professional development needs of the executive leader.

Our appraisal guide details the stages of the appraisal process and how to prepare for an annual appraisal meeting.

The guide covers:

  • the appraisal policy
  • forming an appraisal panel
  • appointing an external adviser
  • setting objectives
  • monitoring performance and evaluating evidence
  • supporting personal development
  • the annual appraisal meeting
  • making a pay recommendation

Supporting CPD

Headteacher and CEO development

Governing board chairs have an important role in supporting their executive leader to identify and access the CPD they need to build capacity and expertise.

Our guide to executive leader CPD outlines ways in which chairs can invest in, support, and positively influence the executive leader’s development.

View guide to executive leader CPD
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