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Monitoring & outcomes

School visits: guidance, policy and planning tools

Use our guidance and templates to ensure monitoring visits are well planned and have a positive impact

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Visiting the school is an essential part of the governor/trustee role. Feedback and learning from visits allow the governing board to monitor how their strategy is being implemented, how their policies are working and to identify strengths and areas for development.

School visits also raise the profile of the governing board and provide governors/trustees with valuable insight into school life and culture.

Visits are usually focused on a specific area or priority and carried out by the link governor/trustee who has been given responsibility for monitoring that area and reporting back to the board.

Our school visits guide is designed to help governing boards to ensure visits are well planned and have a positive impact. A model school visits policy, schedule and report accompany the guide.

The guide covers:

  • the focus for school visits
  • scheduling and planning visits
  • school visits policy
  • virtual visits
  • during and after a visit
  • reporting back to the board

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