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Pupils & learning

Pupil data and performance measures

Find out how schools measure pupil progress and attainment, and how boards can make the most of data they receive.

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Schools have access to a wealth of data, including examination results and statutory assessments, which they use to evaluate the attainment and progress of pupils.

Every member of the governing board should be able to interpret (at a high level) what the data says about the attainment and progress of all pupils – and different groups of pupils – against age-related expectations and specific targets.

Many boards have at least one member with a more detailed understanding of attainment and progress data, who support the board to spot trends and inform their questions and challenge.

This page explains:

  • the difference between attainment and progress
  • how pupils are assessed
  • the data boards should look at
  • how to make the most of data you receive

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